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Certifications: CE EN:1090-1:2009+A1:2011, EN ISO 9001:2015

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Here you can find information about our products, the constructions that can be made with them and see their applications with images.

Now anyone, without special technical knowledge, can use the pipe connectors to assemble awnings, carports, greenhouses, shelves, storage areas, pergolas, patios. Pipe connections give you the ability to create anything you can imagine, saving a lot of money on technical per diems for professionals.

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  • Production of photovoltaic system bases since 2005
  • Our goal is the continuous production of new support base products to meet the needs of each of our customers.
  • Fixed bases on ground-tiled roofs-roofs and building cantilevers, single-axis bases.
  • Specially adapted systems based on the particularities of each space.
  • All our products are certified according to Eurocode 1 & 3
  • Many years of experience and expertise
  • Fast production line
  • Stock of raw materials and products, comprehensive continuous support
  • Ease of assembly
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Our company's sheds have been designed in such a way as to ensure the following benefits for individuals and professionals:

  • Ergonomics and modern design
  • Respect for aesthetics
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Possibility of disassembly and reassembly
  • Full use of useful space
  • High protection against solar radiation and hail
  • High resistance of the metal structure to stresses such as wind, hail, snow.

Possibility to cover the roof with:

  • Perforated high protection polyethylene net with 92% density for solar radiation, compliance with European Union rules for heavy metals and UV stabilization (available in 5 colors)</ span>
  • PVC tarpaulin, 650gr/sq.m. (there are many colors).
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With the connectors, you can quickly assemble any construction from a round water pipe or a square hollow beam yourself, without the need for dies, electric welding and other components.

The connectors are manufactured for round pipe cross-sections (from ½'' to 2 ½") and for hollow pipes 30X30, 40X40 and 80X80.

The basic rule for all types of connectors is not to drill the tube - cavity guide, since their technique is based on clamping. The only tools needed are your tape measure and a screw driver..


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