In case the customer wishes to change the product, he has the right, according to article 4, par. 10 of law 2251/94, to do so within 14 days from the moment he received it, provided that the product is not is used, is in its original packaging intact, has not been damaged, has not been unsealed and receipt is available. For the best service of the users, it is prudent to check the products on arrival and their delivery to them, for any obvious defects of the products themselves or their packaging. The charge for the change has the cost of transport costs. * In case the change is due to a defect, the change is free.

The procedure is as follows:

First, state your request to info@clamps.gr by writing the code and the number of the product you have and the new code / number you want. You can also tell us by phone at 2310510260 from Monday to Friday during the period 09: 30-14:00. Then send the product to the address 2nd klm of Simmachiki Str., 57013,  Thessaloniki. Shipping is done at the recipient's expense.

From the moment you send the product, eshop.clamps.gr receives it within 1-3 days depending on the shipping you have chosen. After receiving the product and verifying its condition, we send you again what you want with a new shipping code.

* In case there is a price difference in the change, the following is done:
a) if the new product is more expensive, you will be charged the extra amount, together with the cost of the change, or by the method of cash on delivery, or by deposit in the accounts of our company.
b) if the new product is cheaper, we return the difference to a bank account that you will tell us.

Order cancellation

In case the customer regrets his order and wants to cancel it, he has the right to do so, either by phone at 2310510260 or by sending a message to info@clamps.gr, provided that the shipping process has not started. If it does not catch up, it is subject to the "Product Return" procedure.

Purchases over € 150 will have no shipping costs.